History at the Movies

History-inspired films can be an enjoyable way of learning a bit more, but always remember that a film can be exaggerated or leave out some detail. So always be sure to check the facts using other sources also!


Click on the links below to watch a Trailer of each Movie:

  1. HIDDEN FIGURES-The untold story of female scientists who worked for NASA on the Space Programme.
  2. THE SIEGE OF JADOTVILLE-The true story of Irish soldiers on United Nations duty in The Congo
  3. ANTHROPOID-Worth seeing if you are studying or interested in World War 2!
  4. THE IMITATION GAME: The story of Alan Turing & Cracking The Enigma Codes in World War 2.
  5. VALKYRIE: The attempt to assassinate Adolf Hitler
  6. DOWNFALL: A look into the final days of Hitler in the Bunker in Berlin in April 1945.
  7. BLOODY SUNDAY: The events surrounding the killing of 13 people in Derry in 1972
  8. 66 DAYS: A Docu-film on the events of the 1981 IRA Hunger Strikes
  9. Loving-Race Relations in USA
  10. The Wind that Shakes the Barley: A dramatised look at the period of the Civil War in Ireland