Fifth & Sixth Year

Useful Links and Videos

Northern Ireland

  1. WEBSITE LINK: Background to Partition in Ireland
  2. CASE STUDY: The Apprentice Boys of Derry (Part 1)
  4. Terence O’ Neill – N. Ireland
  5. How successful was Terence O’Neill?
  6. N. IRELAND: The Battle of the Bogside
  7. Civil Rights in N. Ireland
  8. KEY PERSONALITY: Ian Paisley
  9. Violence in Derry- The Republic’s response
  10. O Neill Resigns
  11. Bloody Sunday
  12. Documentary on Sunningdale Agreement & UWC Strike

USA & The World

  1. Key Personality: Harry Truman
  2. Key Personality: Lyndon B Johnson
  3. US Policy of Containment- The Berlin Blockade
  4. Containment: Korean War
  5. Cuban Missile Crisis

Documents & Presentations

  1. Bernadette Devlin
  2. Coleraine Uni Controversy Essay
  3. Coleraine Uni and ABD Essay
  4. Key Personalities Conn Patricia McCluskey
  5. Northern Ireland Leaving Certificate
  6. Our Magee-Problem-1
  7. Terence O Neill
  8. The Civil Rights Movement
  9. The Apprentice Boys
  10. The Coleraine University Controversy
  11. Significance of the Coleraine University Controversy in the history of Northern Ireland in the 1960s and 1970s
  12. Who are the Apprentice Boys
  13. Rosa Parks Powerpoint
  14. Montgomery Bus Boycott Powerpoint
  15. USA Key Personality Joe McCarthy
  16. US Involvement in Vietnam PowerPoint