Third Year

Useful Links and Videos

  1. The Treaty of Versailles
  2. What caused World War 2?
  3. Why did Russia become a Communist Country in 1917?
  4. The Rise of Fascism
  5. Mussolini & Fascism in Italy
  6. Hitler’s Rise to Power
  7. Hitler’s Rise to Power
  8. WEBSITE LINK: Timeline of Hitler’s Rise to Power:
  9. Life for a young person in Nazi Germany
  10. Designed for the British GCSE Exam but is still relevant for the Junior Cert:Life of Young People in Nazi Germany
  11. What were Hitler’s Foreign Policy aims?
  12. The Munich Agreement
  13. Battle of Stalingrad
  14. What was The Holocaust?
  15. WEBSITE LINK:Berlin Blockade
  16. Berlin Blockade
  17. The Cuban Missile Crisis Explained
  18. Michael Collins Documentary
  19. Cuban Missile Crisis
  20. Irish Neutrality during World War II
  21. DeValera V Churchill (Irish Neutrality) Part 1 of 6

Documents and Presentations

  1. The Cuban Missile Crisis
  2. Hitlers Youth
  3. Hitlers Rise to Power
  4. Rise of Fascism
  5. Rise of Hitler
  6. The Berlin Blockade
  7. World War 1
  8. World War 2